A voluntary organisation
working to change the
way communities in
Keighley think, talk
and act about

A voluntary organisation,

working to change the way

communities in Keighley think

talk and act about dementia.


Dementia Friendly Keighley provides local guidance and information to create awareness of dementia and provide support through activities and services.

The charity can only do this much needed work through fund raising and the vital support of volunteers. To find out more please click on the buttons below

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Dementia Champions

Dementia Friends Target


  • FRIENDS SO FAR (31 DEC 2018) – 4283

Dementia Friendly Keighley have a target to reach 5000 Keighley dementia friends by the year 2020. 

If you would like to become a dementia friend and support this target, whether its just you, a group of colleagues or a community group, get in touch as we can deliver the hour session free of charge with one of our Dementia Champions.

Get in touch and support your local community! To contact Dementia Friendly Keighley with your request.

Our Dementia Champions can deliver the sessions to anyone or any age and below provides a breakdown of who they have worked with so far.
  • community/voluntary – 54%
  • workplace – 14%
  • health workers – 20%
  • education – 6%
  • faith – 6%

Have you heard about our Dementia Drop In Sessions?

We provide two weekly sessions for people living with dementia to attend whilst their carer/family attend appointments or have time out.

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