Finding Joy Together: Social Bonds and Enjoyable Activities for Friends with Dementia

Hello! If you have a friend or family member with dementia, you may be seeking ways to keep them happy, engaged, and cherished. It’s not always straightforward, but there’s positive news: numerous enjoyable activities can kindle happiness and connection. Let’s delve into how we can enrich life for our friends with dementia.

Why Social Enjoyment is Vital

Life revolves around bonds and relishing the things we adore. For those with dementia, these connections and pursuits are akin to a beam of light. They:

  • Elevate the Mood: A friendly conversation or a mutual interest can transform an ordinary day into a memorable one.
  • Keep the Mind Alert: Pursuits like painting or singing aren’t merely entertaining; they stimulate the mind.
  • Revive Past Memories: Recognisable activities can summon cherished memories, providing a sense of belonging.

Activities to Consider

Pondering over what to engage in? Here are some suggestions that can brighten any day.

  1. Dancing to the Beat Who isn’t fond of music? Be it humming to cherished tunes or tapping along to a live band, music enlivens the soul.
  2. Crafting Art Together Sketching, painting, or even doodling over a brew can be tremendous fun. There’s no need to be a Van Gogh; simply revel in the hues and imagination.
  3. Gardening If your friend has a penchant for plants, why not sow some flowers together? The open air, the earth, and the blossoming blooms can be truly invigorating.
  4. Enjoying a Walk A saunter in the park with a mate or a pet can be rejuvenating. Share stories, chuckle, and appreciate the splendour of the outdoors together.
  5. Visiting a Memory Café Numerous locations offer these wonderful venues where individuals with dementia and their companions can mingle, exchange tales, and participate in activities. It’s akin to a comforting meet-up with those who empathise.
  6. Whipping Up Delicacies Recall those biscuits your Nan used to bake? Preparing those treasured recipes can be a delightful journey down memory lane.

Ensuring Success

A few pointers to remember:

  • Maintain a Familiar Ambience: Recognisable environments and people provide a sense of comfort.
  • Extend a Gentle Push: A bit of motivation can make a world of difference.
  • Focus on the Enjoyment: Perfection isn’t the goal; savouring the present is.
  • Be Adaptable: If a plan isn’t panning out, no worries! Give another a go.


Having dementia doesn’t imply forfeiting enjoyment and camaraderie. Whether you are family, a friend, or a carer, you hold the capability to sprinkle joy in someone’s life.

Bear in mind, you’re not isolated in this endeavour. Engage with support groups, local initiatives, or even digital communities to discover ideas, bolster morale, and gain insights.

So, pop on that treasured tune, grasp those paintbrushes, or just relish a bright day in the garden. With a sprinkle of affection and imagination, you can craft wonderful memories and illuminate each day for your friend with dementia. 🌻

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