Fundraising is crucial to the work of Dementia Friendly Keighley and we thank everyone who gets involved with our fundraising events whether attending, donating money or volunteering time and much needed resources. All monies collected are put back into the projects we deliver or help us to start up new projects. Most importantly it continues to help local people and families living with dementia.

We are always amazed by the generosity of the general public and local businesses and if you would like to get involved, donate money or your time to the next event, click here and get in touch


How can I fundraise or donate?

Dementia Friendly Keighley are always grateful for people who find time to attend our fundraising events, help support the planning and running of events, or set up a personal challenge and raise money.

So you can get involved in fundraising in various ways:

  • Why not join the Dementia Friendly Keighley Fundraising Team
  • Set up your own challenge? A walk, 10K run, cake sale at work, sponsored classroom silence
  • Attend Dementia Friendly Keighley’s next fundraising event/challenge?
  • A collection tin in your workplace
  • Provide a venue free of charge to host a Dementia Friendly Keighley Event
  • Donate goods and services for raffles and auctions
  • Provide resources and refreshments for the Dementia Friendly Keighley Office and Events
If you have an idea or want to discuss how you can get involved, get in touch with Dementia Friendly Keighley and we will be happy to chat through your ideas and answer any questions.



How can my workplace fundraise or donate?

Dementia Friendly Keighley have received great help from local workplaces who offer time and resources or being their charity of the year. All of which provides much needed support to develop our services and activities.

Your workplace can get involved in fundraising and donating in various ways:


  • Can you display a collection tin in your workplace?
  • Do you have a volunteering programme within your workplace to help us?
  • Why not set a workplace challenge as part of a team building exercise?
  • Can Dementia Friendly Keighley be your “charity of the year” and work together to promote Dementia Awareness and utilise local media
  • Do you have free meeting space to deliver Dementia Friends Sessions or a larger space to host events?
  • Could your colleagues help us out at our events or bake cakes for our Dementia fete?
  • Do you have any resources you could donate such as refreshments, printer paper, office furniture?
    If your workplace want to get involved we would love to hear from you. Please contact Dementia Friendly Keighley and do something for your local community.
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