CONTACT NAME: Samina Khalifa

TELEPHONE: 01535 667359

EMAIL: samina@kawacc.org.uk

WEBSITE: www.kawacc.btck.co.uk




Marlborough Street
West Yorkshire
BD21 3HU




KAWACC is a small, needs driven organisation which advocates with and for vulnerable and disadvantaged women, mainly, through not wholly of BME decent. Founded in 1984, we work in Keighley, West Yorkshire and operate from a women and girls centre in the densely populated district of Lawkholme Lane. Our users mainly come from the town’s urban core, many are of South Asian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds but this is now diversifying with the influx of Eastern and Central European and African migrants. We are run by women and for women and have an active volunteer team. Our support is practical and strategic and reflects the cultural context of local women’s lives.


Summary of Tasks

Check and adjust policies to ensure they support our staff and volunteers who are caring for someone living with dementia or living with dementia themselves.

Arrange for a DFK champion to hold a DF session for the staff /volunteer at KAWACC.

Make signs and instructions more clearer around the centre e.g. toilet/kitchen.

Check all lighting around the centre to ensure the building is well lit.

Provide handouts to service users/families on awareness on dementia (signs and symptoms) and provide then with useful contacts on who can support them.

Put the DF logos in the main entrance of the KAWACC centre, as well as around the building.

Staff member to complete the dementia friendly champion training and continue to deliver sessions at KAWACC.

Once a member of staff has become a DFK champion, continue planning and delivering sessions for service users at KAWACC.

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