Dementia Recognition Award

Calling all organisations, businesses and community projects to join our pledge in helping to make Keighley more dementia friendly and assist your employees, customers, participants, friends and families to have better access to services and support and feel more integrated in their communities.

We believe that by engaging with and supporting more organisations to sign up to this initiative, we will be able to make Keighley a more dementia friendly place to live and work.





Recognition Certificate

To gain the Recognition Award, with the support of DFK you would need to:

  • Complete an action plan on how you will work towards becoming dementia friendly
  • Participate in a free Dementia Friendly Information session (1 hour)
  • Promote your pledge and partnership with DFK
  • Support DFK by fundraising or donating resources and/or services.
  • Promote DFK activities and services within your organisation.
  • Once you start demonstrating your actions you will be awarded the Recognition Certificate, Sticker and Logo for you to use and display.

Who has already been granted the DFK Recognition Award?

Dementia Recognition Award Booklet

We have provided the following booklet listing the action required to advise on changes you can be making.
Further supplementry sheets are also listed below.

Click on the download button for the booklet to read:

  • Why you should get involved
  • What you will have to do
  • What this means for your organisation, business or community project
  • Why DFK are supporting this award and you
  • Ideas of what changes you can be making
  • And a step by step guide to help you gain recognition


Supplementary Sheets

Sheets 1-3 help with each of the specific action areas, sheet 4 provides general guidance on completing the action plan and sheet 5 provides guidance on how to use the recognition logos once they have been awarded.

Action Plan

Now that you have had a read through the booklet and supplementary sheets, download the action plan and start your pledge today.

Remember DFK are here to help you at any stage of the award.

Once you have completed the action plan contact DFK and we can arrange to meet with you or chat over the phone your actions. Once DFK have signed this off and you start to implement your actions, you will be award the DFK Recognition Award and added to our website.

We will review your action plan, annually assess your progress and re-validate your pledge. This process is to ensure your organisation is still working to become dementia friendly and to allow us to re-issue the recognition logo and sticker for you to use. This time can also be used to chat through new actions, areas of concerns and achievements.

Once completed save a copy to your desktop or device then email as an attachment to:

If you need to take this idea to your team meeting, manager or trustees please print off our Recognition Award Leaflet which summarises the award.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and let’s start working towards being more dementia friendly!

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