Dementia Friendly Keighley are supporting workplaces to become more dementia aware and support their aim to change the way communities in Keighley think, talk and act about dementia. By supporting local workplaces this will help them to support their employees and customers, who may be living with dementia.

Workplaces who have achieved Dementia Friendly Keighley Workplace Award:

Airedale Shopping Centre

Skipton Building Society


Workplaces who are working towards their Dementia Friendly Keighley Workplace Award:


How can my workplace get involved?

We offer workplace support to help gain the Dementia Friendly Keighley Workplace Award. If you would like to find out more please contact the office on 07452 773788 or email


Dementia Friendly Keighley are just updating the award information and this will be added to the website soon

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