This year Christmas will be difficult for many families in our district, but for those living alone or who may have been isolating for many months it will be extra hard. Dementia Friendly Keighley is happy to support a coordinated community response to a COVID Christmas.

Julie Lintern, manager of Dementia Friendly Keighley said ‘for many years I’ve volunteered to coordinate a community Christmas using Central Hall. That’s not able to go ahead this year, but the need is greater than ever for people to feel valued and not forgotten about. We need to come together and support each other to get through this. It would be great if we could harness the community spirit we felt when we united by clapping on our doorsteps’.

Now working for Dementia Friendly Keighley, Julie is mindful of those with a loved one in a care home or with caring responsibilities, or who may be spending Christmas alone. We would like to hear from people who are willing and able to plate up an extra dish on Christmas Day and deliver it to someone who would appreciate a traditional Christmas Dinner.

If you are interested and would like to hear more about how you can help, please email:

Once we have enough people happy to help we will be working with partner agencies and community leaders to identify anyone who may like a home-cooked dinner.

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