Dementia Inequalities Partnership Project

Welcome to the overview of the Dementia Inequalities Partnership Project, which is a large project among others projects delivered by Dementia Friendly Keighley. We have created this online evaluation to share what we have learnt.
This project was made possible through a Health Inequalities Grant from West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership, which ensured Dementia Friendly Keighley could develop new ways of working, adapt existing services and through the partners of the project, pilot new services during COVID-19.
This project started in August 2020 and continues to provide much needed support to those living with dementia. This work not only focussed on the periods of lockdown and local restrictions but also as restrictions are lifting and we move to fully re-opening.
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Background to the Dementia Inequalities Partnership

The effect of COVID-19 had, and continues to have, a direct impact on people living with dementia. Due to national and local restrictions, In April 2020 Dementia Friendly Keighley could no longer provide our regular activity and support services and had to close the Information & Support Centre. With further restrictions and lockdowns, it was not until March 2021, that DFK have been able to start re-opening this provision.

This had an immediate impact on people that already accessed the service, but also for those who were just starting their dementia journey. This already vulnerable group has experienced further health implications of COVID-19 and social implications of the control measures such as isolation and shielding.

The Dementia Inequalities Partnership objective was to ‘to provide, develop and test a range of sustainable information and support services, social and activity groups, and practical resources to all those effected by, or supporting, those living with dementia during and as we all emerge from impacts and restrictions of the pandemic’.

This project aims to

  • Reduce stress and isolation
  • Improve and widen our social media platform and ways of contacting the public,
  • Widen access to practical resources in the home for mental, physical and cognitive engagement and stimulation,
  • Adapt and develop new services and activities,
  • Increase access to accurate and trustworthy sources of information in a range of formats,
  • Increase family and professional understanding of the existing and additional challenges people touched by dementia are struggling with and how and where to signpost people to for additional help and support,
  • Strengthen partnership working through service delivery and training,
  • Support volunteers,
  • And further develop our aim in creating a ‘Dementia Friendly Keighley’ town, villages and neighbourhoods.

The range of services, groups and resources will not only be for those people living with dementia and their carers to access but also be available to enhance resources, ideas and information to support other people such as healthcare staff, care home staff, businesses and volunteers to be able to provide this much-needed support to our dementia families not just locally but to share our learning across the West Yorkshire & Harrogate catchment area.

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