The following activities and services are either organised by Dementia Friendly Keighley or by a supporting organisation we work closely with.

We encourage you to ring Dementia Friendly Keighley on the contact number above to get the most up to date information, alternatively click on the activity/service name and another window will open with more details on the activity you have selected.

Dementia Friendly Keighley (DFK)

6 College Walk

Airedale Shopping Centre, Keighley, BD21 3NU

Tel: 01535 602529


Exercise Class


Seated Movement to Music
This session is designed to improve strength and coordination, and exercise the brain as well as the body.
The exercises are accompanied by popular music and are a lot of fun.
These sessions are open to those living with dementia and their carers.
For more information call DFK on 01535 602529
Tai Chi
Every Tuesday afternoon at Central Hall
Join Discover Tai Chi and Dementia Friendly Keighley for weekly sessions of Tai Chi.
These sessions are free and will take place at Central Hall, in a COVID-safe environment.
Tai Chi today is practised for its health benefits as a series of slow, continuous movements that build strength, improve balance and promote deep relaxation.
If you would like to book on to these sessions, or even register your interest as a volunteer, please contact us on: 01535 602529 or email
The Memory Tree
The Memory Tree’s Social Group is ideal for people with Dementia, and their carers. Join them for quizzes, games and other Dementia-friendly activities plus information and advice.
A warm and friendly team look forward to meeting and welcoming you.
Booking required – please contact Elizabeth on 01274 583364 or
Find out more at:
Social Group
Join us every Thursday from 6:30pm for mutual support, friendship and fun.
These sessions are open to those living with Dementia, and their carers.
For more information call Dawn on 07716 132750
Donations are welcome to help support these events.
Find out more at:


Dementia Friendly Keighley and supporting partners have the following events planned

Movement to Music

Every Monday
From 11:15 am

Social Group

Every Thursday
From 6:30 pm.

Dementia Voice of Experience

Bringing people together to share their experiences of living with dementia.


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