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The Keighley Mayor, Fulzar Ahmed is pictured in my front room with two other members of the council from Keighley, our golden retriever welcomed them all, not sure the Mayor appreciated it though!!! (3 friends)

Bangladeshi Community Centre

Cornwall Road…Abu Saleh asked me to deliver the awareness session in the Bangladeshi Centre in Bradford to the local community around Manningham…(13 friends)  

Ukranian Club

Irene Chenko is the coordinator of the group who looks after many different groups within the Ukranian club, a thriving organization in Keighley…(9 friends)

The Good Shephered

Dorota Plata heads the Good Shepherd Centre and works closely with eastern European communities throughout Keighley…(12 friends)

UK’s First ‘Dementia Friendly’ Rail Line

BBC Radio 5 Live has been to see the UK's first 'dementia friendly' rail line, where staff are being taught to recognise when people living with dementia are travelling. It's hoped it will make life easier for people living with dementia, and their carers,...



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Dementia friendly communities and groups such as Dementia Friendly Keighley are playing a vital role in the creating such a supportive community.